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Cabinetry professionals with diverse backgrounds..

Our staff has experience in many different areas within the cabinet industry. This blend of unique backgrounds allows us to develop plans, which come together smoothly and avoid common mistakes.

Passionate innovators..

We are not interested in just being another online cabinet retailer. We see an opportunity to provide a product/service solution that is unique to the industry. The idea of “It’s not what you do, but how you do it” is ingrained in our culture and is what gives us our competitive advantage.

Highly motivated problem solvers..

Often you don’t realize how good or how poor a service is until you are faced with an issue. We understand the world isn’t perfect and that there will be unforeseen circumstances. Our staff is here to offer solutions that will alleviate the pain and quickly remedy the situation.

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Let’s Get Organized: Kitchen Edition

Let’s Get Organized: Kitchen Edition

If you don’t have a place for it, let’s find one! Is it possible to organize your most useful kitchen items while adding a touch of your favorite décor as well? The answer is yes! You can have an organized kitchen even after adding some of your favorite trinkets to the counter top. Enhancing your…

Small Kitchens with a Big Personality

Small Kitchens with a Big Personality

IS YOUR SMALL KITCHEN CRAMPING YOUR STYLE? Living with limited kitchen space is not the best case scenario for any culinary connoisseur, baking expert, or DIYer.

Architectural ……What ?

Architectural ……What ?

So let’s take a pop quiz have you ever thought about where the columns on your house came from; where the windows originated; how many times did you actually change the house to fit your personal style?

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