5 Ways to Quickly Revamp Your Kitchen for the Holidays

1. Add Holiday Themed Decor

If you are under a serious time crunch to get your kitchen ready for the holidays, adding decor might be the easiest and fastest way to bring in some Christmas cheer. Many people host holiday parties and the kitchen is often a gathering place for family and friends to mingle. If nothing else, it is where all the cooking takes place. So, take the opportunity to liven up your kitchen by pulling out your Christmas dish towels, hanging wreaths, setting up table top trees, laying down Christmas runners, and more.

add holiday themed decor

2. Add New Backsplash

There are many budget friendly options when it comes to upgrading or adding new backsplash. From peel and stick to natural stone to ceramic tile there is something to fit every kitchen’s style. Updating your back splash is a great project to tackle right before the holiday season because it can easily be done in a weekend depending on the size of your kitchen. This change should help tie in the great things from your cabinets while bringing a functional use to the space. The reason a backsplash is so useful is because it protects your walls from water damage and food splatter. Nevertheless, it can also be one of the most fun areas to upgrade in your kitchen.

Add New Backsplash

3. Add Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing under cabinet lighting is another small scale project that can easily be done in a day or a weekend right before the holidays. While doing this might not seem like much, it can actually make a drastic difference to your kitchen’s overall appeal. Under cabinet lights are practical in that they brighten up common work areas in your kitchen. They also bring a beautiful aesthetic to the space that spotlights your cabinets. From puck lights to light bars to tape lights, there is an option for every level of installation experience. If you are also shopping for new kitchen cabinets,consider purchasing light rail moulding to conceal your under cabinet lighting.

Add Under Cabinet Lighting

4. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

As you prep your house for the holidays, consider updating your choice of wall color in the kitchen as a way to enhance the space. New paint can liven up your home while requiring little effort to implement. In the last few years trending paint colors have been warm neutrals, greys, and earthy tones. Our kitchen designers recommend choosing a neutral color for your kitchen walls allowing the cabinets to really stand out. Most homes today have an open floor plan, so oftentimes it makes the most sense to continue the wall color throughout the space. Whether you go dark or light in hue, choose what you feel will create a sensible backdrop for your kitchen. Refer to the paint pros with Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, and others to find the best color for your kitchen. Then, shop our kitchen cabinet collections to choose the best cabinet color to go with your new wall paint.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

5. Replace Cabinet Hardware

Knobs and pulls are among the easiest to upgrade if you are in a hurry to spruce up your kitchen before the holidays. This quick refresh doesn’t take much effort and can really change the overall look of your kitchen and the cabinets. Use your existing hardware as a guide for size and type as you shop for new decorative hardware options. For instance, if you currently have 4” pulls on your cabinet drawers, you will want to shop that same size for your new pulls. Changing from pulls to knobs (or vice versa) can also be done. Just keep in mind, this will require filling in and re routing holes for the different hardware to fit.

Replace Cabinet Hardware