7 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

7 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling your kitchen is no overnight task. It is a substantial project that will need proper planning, budgeting, and preparation. Apply the tips in this guide to prevent your project from going over budget and misusing your valuable time. Here are seven kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid.

1. Neglecting to Properly Plan & Prepare

It can be easy to make impulsive design and spending decisions if you skip this crucial step in the process. Making changes mid-renovation can get costly, and sometimes become necessary if you are already in too deep. Please don't rush into a project of this size; you will thank us later.


Researching and budgeting are the two best things you can do before starting any work. Read our Cost to Remodel Your Kitchen blog to understand how to budget for a renovation properly. Explore design styles, kitchen layouts, workflows, contractors, installers, etc. Our Discover Your Design Style, blog is a great place to start. The more you understand your likes and dislikes, the easier it will be when you are ready to work with a designer and begin placing orders.

2. Not Ordering Samples

Ordering samples is the key to ensure you will be thrilled the day your new cabinets arrive. Cabinetry is the centerpiece of your kitchen remodel. So, the door style and finish must look good in your space. Avoid second-guessing your cabinets, and feel confident about your final selection.


Order our refundable cabinet sample doors that will prove helpful for many reasons. Cabinets and other items can look different in various lighting and on different computer screens, making sample doors an essential step in remodeling. Dismissing a chance to see our cabinets in person, before you buy, increases the risk of loathing the color and style. Additionally, our sample doors make it convenient to shop for hardware, appliances etc. while deciding how they will look with your new cabinets. Place all your samples together to see your design start to come to life.

3. Passing Up a Free Design

Guessing games are not fun for anyone, so don’t overwhelm yourself with more decisions to be made. Each kitchen is unique, and creating the perfect floor plan can be tricky. Understanding how to best design corners, where fillers are needed, and best practices for installing panels and mouldings can take years of experience. If you are unfamiliar with cabinet SKUs, sizes, and what goes into designing, we are here and happy to help.


Request a free design and quote. At Prime Cabinetry, we offer a professional cabinet design and quote service completely free. This service includes 2D floor plans and elevations, 3D images, and a cabinet quote. Leverage our decades of kitchen design experience to create the optimal design for your unique space.

4. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Immediately tearing out your old cabinets might seem enticing, but there is one more step to think about before demo day. Jumping into the deep end with no former knowledge of cabinets or kitchen remodeling can hurt your project timeline and budget.


Be honest with yourself about your remodeling and carpentry skills. Assembling and installing new cabinets can be challenging for a first-timer. If assembling, cutting, and installing cabinets is not in your wheelhouse, it is best to hire an installer. A professional can provide peace of mind and complete the work right the first time. Plus, the project will remain on schedule when you have expert help from the start.

No matter the type of remodeling work you are versed in, the great thing is that there is always something you can DIY to save money. Demoing, painting, and even lighting are projects many of our customers have comfortably done themselves. We also have assembly videos on our website for those who are ready to tackle cabinet assembly.

5. Omitting Storage Solutions & Functional Design Flow

Proper storage in a kitchen and functional designs are easily at the top of our customers' wish lists. Think about your collection of small appliances and utensils, the extra counter space you need, and your kitchens' current flow. Every item deserves a suitable home, and you deserve a functional and beautiful space.


Consider your kitchens' ideal layout in advance. Some kitchens do not have the luxury to entertain infinite design options, but we can optimize any space to its maximum potential. At Prime Cabinetry, we carry helpful storage solutions such as tall pantry cabinets, drawer bases, roll-out trays, trash pull-outs, spice pull-outs, etc. to get you started. Please read our full blog, 13 Best Kitchen Storage Solutions, for tips and tricks on organizing your kitchen.

Additionally, the flow of your kitchen can be a factor in optimal organization. Consider the work triangle as a guide to ensure you have a functional kitchen that doesn’t feel awkward. In short, the work triangle is the efficient walking space between your cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. These are all items used to carry out primary tasks in the kitchen and entertain guests. It makes the most sense to have them an appropriate distance from one another to maintain a functional workspace and organized kitchen. Read our Tough Areas to Design in the Kitchen blog to dive even further into this concept.

6. Blowing Your Budget

No one wants their project to go over budget. Cabinets alone are typically one of the most expensive materials in a kitchen remodel. With that being the case, it is crucial to map out your project to stay within budget.


Decide what aspects of the space are most important to you and allocate your funds accordingly. Thoroughly planning your project and selecting materials that fit within your budget is the best way to ensure your project remains on track. In kitchen remodels, understanding cabinet costs can help you avoid making this mistake. Read our full article, Cost to Remodel Your Kitchen, to start budgeting for your kitchen remodel.

Another tip; do not purchase items such as new appliances or sinks too soon. Find what you like and share it with your designer so they can ensure everything will fit. Doing so will allow you the freedom to acquire the perfect appliances, leave out any guesswork, and avoid adding unnecessary costs to your project.

7. Being Unprepared For a Realistic Project Timeline

Rushing a remodel only creates more stress for everyone involved. So it is essential to plan with a goal in mind to keep your renovation from overwhelming you. A kitchen remodel specifically can take 3-5 months from start to finish, according to HGTV source Felicia Feaster. Of course, this time frame will vary depending on the level of renovations you are taking on.


Map out your project timeline to ensure everything remains on track. Acquire a real lead time for each vendor you are sourcing for your materials and labor. Our cabinet lead time runs 7-10 business days for unassembled cabinets and 14-18 business days for assembled cabinets. Lead times will vary per vendor, service, and product, so we advise arming yourself with the most knowledge possible before placing orders.

Building your dream kitchen isn't about constructing a polished magazine-worthy space. You are transforming a room to welcome new memories with friends and family, late nights doing homework, and messy dinners testing new recipes. Give your kitchen the time, love, and energy it deserves by exercising our seven mistakes to avoid. Leverage professional experience, and contact our Prime Cabinetry staff as you begin to plan, budget, and prepare. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with your new kitchen.