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  1. Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

    Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide


  2. Frameless vs Face Framed Cabinets

    Frameless vs Face Framed Cabinets

    What is the difference between framed and frameless cabinetry?

  3. What is a 10x10 Kitchen?

    What is a 10x10 Kitchen?

    10x10 Kitchen: Exist or Not?

    Everywhere we look we see pricing for a “10x10 kitchen”. The question is, what is a 10x10 kitchen? Do these kitchens exist in real life design? Unfortunately, the answer is not straight forward, because every retailer has their own opinion of what cabinets make up a 10x10 kitchen.

  4. Professional vs DIY Kitchen Remodel

    Professional vs DIY Kitchen Remodel

    Unsure if you should hire a professional for your kitchen remodel? Prime Cabinetry wants to help steer you in the right direction for your particular project. Every remodel is different. You can replace or move just about anything in your space, but the key is understanding what you can do on your own and what will need a professional's expertise to complete.

  5. Let’s Get Organized: Kitchen Edition

    Let’s Get Organized: Kitchen Edition

    If you don’t have a place for it, let’s find one!

  6. Kitchen Remodel Timeline

    Kitchen Remodel Timeline

    A successful kitchen renovation is best broken up into phases. This way you can visualize the big picture and build a schedule that works for you. There are several ways you can interpret a kitchen remodel timeline, but the experts at Prime Cabinetry have found the following breakdown to be the most effective.

  7. Discover Your Design Style

    Discover Your Design Style

    Identifying your design style creates the framework for your kitchen remodel. At Prime Cabinetry, we believe your kitchen should reflect your unique personality. Having a clear design goal sets you up to make the best decision for your cabinet type and finish.

  8. 13 Best Kitchen Storage Solutions

    13 Best Kitchen Storage Solutions

    Are you looking for ways to keep your kitchen organized and functional for daily use? We have listed over 12 ways to better store the items you use most, least, and everything in between. Prime Cabinetry has a great selection of functional cabinet hardware to choose from, helping you get the most practical and appealing kitchen for your money.

  9. 7 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

    7 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

    Remodeling your kitchen is no overnight task. It is a substantial project that will need proper planning, budgeting, and preparation. Apply the tips in this guide to prevent your project from going over budget and misusing your valuable time. Here are seven kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid.

  10. Cost to Remodel Your Kitchen

    Cost to Remodel Your Kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is no wonder over 1/3 of Americans renovate this room before any other in their house. A quality kitchen renovation instills people with a sense of pride in their home. After all, they spend a large percentage of time at home in their kitchens – cooking, gathering, and entertaining with family and friends. It is also a smart financial investment, improving the overall appeal and value of any house.


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