Drooling Over Cabinets For Dogs

Drooling Over Cabinets For Dogs

Our furry friends naturally love to be outdoors, and we naturally hate the muddy, dirty, or otherwise messy paws that come with these adventures. Most dog owners have seen these disastrous soiled prints tracked right through their living room, and onto that once beautiful white carpet they own. Cleaning up after our pets is a daily task, so why not make these routine chores a little easier to manage?

This unique living space is designed to do just that. We are going beyond the basic doghouse to show you a way to make use of that extra storage room or once boring laundry room in your home. More often than not, a “doggy spa” will be an option to consider when working within new construction. However, it is also possible to renovate and/or expand a current room already in your home. It is popular to combine this type of space with your laundry room, and turn what is existing into a type of mud room where your dog, and even your kids, can clean up after being outside. Some options to consider include my top 5 favorite storage ideas for your canine’s belongings:

1. Use trash can pull-outs as a space to store dog food, and keep it off the floor

2. Make use of any open space under a counter top to place a dog bed

3. Maximize wall space with cabinet storage above a wash station that can be added to the design; this is a great place to store extra towels and your pup’s most used shampoos.

4. Tall cabinets are a great place to hang/store items such as leashes, collars, toys, shampoo bottles, brushes, etc. They are also useful for storing any cleaning supplies needed for sweeping/vacuuming all that hair left behind after the pooch is fresh and clean.

5. Use built-ins to add your washer and dryer to the design. Between the dirty towels and stained clothes that will come through this space, you might as well use it as a laundry room too.

Overall, why not invest and indulge in a space you can use to truly spoil your little (or not so little) tail-wagger. Pampering our pooches isn’t something new to us long time-dog owners. We have been bathing, grooming, and even training them since they were pups. Except now, we can do so from the comfort of our home in a space that is made just for them. These room ideas can be space savers or over-the-top suites that allow you to get creative. Whichever your project/remodel entails, more storage for your pup’s belongings is always a valuable feature to add to your home.