Choosing the Right Size Vent for Your Wood Hood

Choosing the Right Size Vent for Your Wood Hood

Wood Hood Inserts: Function & Purpose

A range hood vent is the main accessory to any stock, semi custom, or custom cabinet wood hood. It is also referred to as a wood hood insert, liner and blower, vent hood, or ventilation hood. The wood hood itself is the aesthetic shell that the vent and other accessories fit inside of, while the vent is what makes it function.

The vent's purpose is to capture any smoke, steam, grease,or oil-related odors produced while using your cooktop or range. Proper ventilation keeps the moisture from clinging to the cabinets and appliances around it, prevents your kitchen from fogging up, and removes any unwanted airborne particles; keeping your kitchen air fresh and free from harmful bacteria.

A wood hood insert differs from a stainless steel range hood with visible chimney and an under cabinet vent hood. Below you will see an image example of each type. A wood hood with insert and a metal range hood can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted above an island, whereas an under cabinet hood is typically wall mount only. While the names of these products are often interchangeable, it is important to know what you need for your chosen hood type.


How to Pick Out a Range Hood Insert

Standard Sizes

Range hood inserts, aka liners and blowers, are typically sold in the following sizes:

  • 28"
  • 34"
  • 40"
  • 46"
  • 52"
  • 58"

Calculating Fit

To determine what size insert will best fit your chosen wood hood you will need to know two things. - The wood hood opening size (interior width) and the range hood insert size (exterior width).

The matching wood hood should be about 2” larger than your chosen insert for a comfortable fit. At Prime Cabinetry, we sell our wood hoods in sizes 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”. We have shared the bottom opening dimensions for each of our wood hood sizes below. The most important measurement, for the purpose of choosing a liner & blower insert, is the wood hood’s interior width. Top of hood and exterior dimensions are also available on their respective shopping pages at or upon request.





So for example, if you choose our 36”w x 48”H Asheville Curved Classic Moulding Smooth hood (ASH-1V3648) we recommend shopping for a 34” range hood insert. Referring back to the charts above, you will see that the 3648 curved range hood has an interior opening width of 34.5”. This is the most accurate information to gather when shopping as it tells us that a 34” insert will fit comfortably with ½” of wiggle room.

Refer to your inserts installation specs as well as our wood hood installation video for more details about that step of the process.

Get to Know Your Hood Vent

Range Hood Brands

The following is a list of popular range hood insert brands that we have seen used with our wood hoods. These include but are not limited to:

  • Tradewinds
  • Zline
  • Broan
  • Vent-a-Hood
  • ProLine
  • AKDY

Our preferred brand is Broan but ultimately it is up to you which brand you go with. As long as the fit is correct the features available can be left to the discretion of the buyer. Shop our selection of wood hoods and accessories by clicking the links below!

What is the CFM and Sone level?

CFM, or cubic feet per minute, is the unit of measurement for air flow exhausting through your hood’s ventilation system. The higher the CFM number, the greater the amount of air that is exhausted when using the vent.

The sone is another unit of measurement that determines the loudness of the vent. The higher the number, the louder the vent will be when in use. So, if you prefer a quiet vent then you might select one with 4.0 sones over one with 8.0 sones.

In most cases, the higher the CFM, the higher the sone level will be. If you don’t cook often and prefer a quieter vent, you could purchase a 600 CFM hood insert. If you do cook often, you might invest in a 900+ CFM vent insert for your wood hood. It will be louder but will be more powerful and functional for you. Ultimately we recommend choosing what matches your cooking style and budget when it comes to these additional features.

As we have read, choosing a vent insert for your new wood hood is important when it comes to fit, brand, and features. So, we hope this information has helped you feel confident in your decision. Let our team know if you have any questions about what you have learned! If you have any questions contact us at or call us at 844-540-1885.