Gray Is The New Black!!

Gray Is The New Black!!

I’m sure you wandered when did brown go out and why is there so much grey everywhere? It’s true you cannot visit a home decor store, a furniture gallery or a new showroom and not see the color grey in some variation. Well ladies and gents we now have grey in kitchen cabinets, yes all shades, cool and warm tones.

Cabinets stains to distressed grey paint with hints of black glazing, are all additions added to the craze . Their has even been a new terminology added such as "Greige" (combining grey and beige together) it is all the rage for the homeowners that like they grey but cannot change all of the brown in their home.

Photo credit: c 2014 Sarah Robertson

Most would consider this a fad or a trend however grey cabinets are here to stay deeming it the new neutral, or the “New Black.” Grey has also been introduced in tile flooring, lighter wall paints, and made Carrera marble popular again.

Photo credit: Jim Frey Kitchen Design

So don’t be afraid to update your cabinets with a pop of grey, you have a plethora of colors to choose from. Have fun, with accessorizing bold colors and hues that compliment as well as tying your unique space into something versatile.

Photo Credit : Bruder Construction