How Lighting Affects Your Cabinet Color

How Lighting Affects Your Cabinet Color

Artificial and natural lighting play an integral part in how we perceive paint colors in our home.

The type of indoor lighting used in your kitchen, bathroom, or other remodel space will affect how you perceive the color of your new cabinets. This is because light bulbs differ in color temperature which changes the shade of white, blue, orange, or yellow, that is emitted over your space. These shades are recognized as either warm or cool lights and come in many types such as LED, incandescent, halogen, and florecent. Between the color of the bulb, the bulb type, and the bulb intensity, your cabinets can look vastly different from one shade to another.

Natural or outdoor lighting will affect the finish colors in your space as well. According to, a north facing room with let in soft light producing warmer shades. This means dark cabinet paints will appear even darker and light cabinet paints more dim. Whereas a south facing room will experience more intense light allowing dark painted cabinets to appear brighter and lighter cabinets can make a room feel too stark.

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Collect tile samples for your backsplash, LVP samples for your flooring, paint chips for your wall color, countertop samples and so on. Use these to get the best idea of how all these colors and finishes will look in your space under your unique kitchen lighting. We recommend purchasing at least 3 different cabinet samples from one of our online collections to make the best decision for your project. For example, the Shaker Charwood, Tacoma White, and Columbia Antique White, from our Allie Nicole collection, all show great variation in finish, color, and door style. Choosing a variety of samples will help you make the most of your cabinet purchase. We make our sample doors a small 12” x 15” size and our semi custom sample blocks 5” in size. This makes it easy for you to take your cabinet samples with you as you shop around for your other remodel materials and proceed to get a design and quote from our professional design team.