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  1. The Top Benefits of White Shaker Cabinets

    The Top Benefits of White Shaker Cabinets

    The heart of the home is the kitchen. The room where memories are made, new skills are learned, and homework is completed. Families spend most of their time in this space so it deserves a simple, timeless design that you can enjoy for a lifetime. When it comes to kitchen design, cabinets play a major role in setting the tone and style of the space. One popular cabinet style that has stood the test of time is our Allie Nicole Collection- Shaker White Cabinets. With their clean lines, timeless appeal, and versatility, white shaker cabinets can enhance any kitchen design. Whether your style is Traditional, Modern, or somewhere in between, all styles can be complemented with Shaker White cabinets.

    But what exactly are the benefits of choosing white shaker cabinets for your home? And how do you style your kitchen with shaker cabinets? In this article, we'll explore some white shaker kitchen cabinet ideas to inspire your next kitchen renovation and explain why they’re a beloved kitchen cabinet choice.

  2. How to Install a Blind Corner Base Cabinet

    What is a Blind Corner Base Cabinet?

    A blind corner base cabinet is a cabinet installed in a corner where two cabinet runs meet, and a portion of the cabinet is hidden by the one adjacent to it. The hidden section serves as storage without giving up space in a corner. A blind corner base cabinet is only functional if it is used in conjunction with a filler and an adjacent cabinet.

  3. 5 Ways to Quickly Revamp Your Kitchen for the Holidays

    1. Add Holiday Themed Decor

    If you are under a serious time crunch to get your kitchen ready for the holidays, adding decor might be the easiest and fastest way to bring in some Christmas cheer. Many people host holiday parties and the kitchen is often a gathering place for family and friends to mingle. If nothing else, it is where all the cooking takes place. So, take the opportunity to liven up your kitchen by pulling out your Christmas dish towels, hanging wreaths, setting up table top trees, laying down Christmas runners, and more.

  4. 3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

    3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

    There are many ways to upgrade a bathroom- particularly when your space could use a makeover. The design decisions could drive the budget to stay in line with the project or way out of line. You ultimately want to maximize your look for less. Stick to what fits your bathroom and satisfies your needs of aesthetics, functional storage, and resale value. I will provide a mini-guide to get you started on your renovation and make sure you are spending your dollars well!

  5. Small Kitchens With A Big Personality

    Small Kitchens With A Big Personality


    Living with limited kitchen space is not the best case scenario for any culinary connoisseur, baking expert, or DIYer. But, designing the kitchen of your dreams does not have to be restricted by the size or shape of the space you are working with. Transforming any tiny kitchen into a stunning and functional room in your home can be done effortlessly.

    So, what qualifies as a small kitchen?

    Over the last 50 years kitchen sizes have increased from about 70 to 150 square feet. According to Lee Wallender from Home Renovation’s About Home, generally the “classic 10 x 10 kitchen” (100 square feet or less) is considered the benchmark of small kitchen sizing. The most common small kitchen will be what is considered a galley kitchen. This shape is long and narrow with counters on either side of a central walkway. Though, kitchen sizing is going to differ according to the area you live in, this standard for the average kitchen in 2016 can be useful when planning your own remodel.


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