Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide



We have the tips, tools, and resources you need to find the right cabinets for your kitchen remodel.


Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve purchased cabinets before, this buying guide will take you through our expertise on the essential information you need to successfully remodel your kitchen.

We will cover all you need to know about budgeting, planning, and designing. Plus, we will discuss how to use this guide to your advantage throughout your kitchen remodel.

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Kitchen Remodeling Made Simple

Tackling a kitchen remodel is simple if you know the best approach for your project. Are you remodeling to sell? Are you remodeling to build your dream kitchen? Your options are only unlimited if you have an unlimited budget, so to get started, we suggest nailing down your means of approach before diving in.

New cabinets are the most valuable element of a kitchen remodel. They generate the most return on investment if you are selling, and Prime Cabinetry makes the buying process easy. Let’s look at the two ways to approach buying new cabinets for your kitchen remodel.

Two Approaches to Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Start by asking yourself, do I know my kitchen remodel budget? The answer to this question will tell us how far along you are in the planning or shopping phase of your remodel.

I don’t know my budget. How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

If you don’t know your kitchen remodel budget, this means you are in the planning phase. Start by reading section 1, Inspire. Spark inspiration for your remodel by determining a bud get that works for you. Answer the tough financial questions so you know what you are working with. Next, browse popular kitchen design styles and establish a project timeline so you can start planning.

TIP: Pay for your new kitchen cabinets over time. Check out Prime Cabinetry’s affordable 0% APR financing. Get qualified today!

I know my budget. How can I make the most of it?

If you already know your budget, this means you are in the shopping phase. Start by reading section 2, Design. Discover what cabinet styles you love and start the Prime Cabinetry design process. Learn how to get the most out of your budget and ordering will be that much easier.

TIP: Use all information following section 1 to further answer the questions posed in The Cost to Remodel Your Kitchen. Ultimately, determining the cost of your project starts with determining the cost of your cabinets.

The Cost to Remodel Your Kitchen

To best understand the cost of a kitchen renovation, Prime Cabinetry suggests dividing your project into product and service categories. In short, we have recognized 6 general practices that help homeowners evaluate project goals, deadlines, and costs.

1. Make a Wish List

Before talking numbers, dream big, and list all your hopes for the project’s outcome. Stadard upgrades, commonly applied to a kitchen remodel, consist of new cabinets, appliances, and new or refinished flooring.

2. Weigh the Pros & Cons

Make a pros and cons list to determine which areas of a kitchen remodel should get the most love. At Prime Cabinetry, we offer several effortless ways to request pricing on new cabinets.

3. Compare Products & Services

Put in some research hours and get multiple quotes. Educate yourself on average costs for your area so you can realistically prepare for your remodel. Check out Prime Cabinetry’s product and installation average cost graph to get an idea.

4. Determine Your Budget

According to Home Advisor, a kitchen remodel costs $25,100 on average, with most home owners spending between $13,257 - $37,445. The big quetion is, what SHOULD one spend on a kitchen remodel? Read our full article to dig deeper

5. Divide Your Budget

Several areas in the kitchen make up a remodel. Utilize our cost breakdow charts to establish a budget and determine how to best divide it up.

TIP: Setting aside a good percentage of your budget for your miscellaneous category provides a cushion if something unexpected occurs during the remodel. Consider this is your just in case fund.

6. Prioritize the Wish List

Finalize all project goals, trim down your original wish list, and settle on an agreeable project budget.

Read our full article, Cost to Remodel Your Kitchen, for more on proven national cost averages,expense breakdown by product category, and detailed budget planning tips you can start using today.

Discover Your Kitchen Design Style

Identifying your design style creates the framework for your kitchen remodel. At Prime Cabinetry, we believe your kitchen should reflect your unique personality. Having a clear design goal sets you up to make the best decisions for your cabinet type and finish.

The list below expands on the most popular design styles that we are seeing in the kitchen industry today. Read our full article, Discover Your Kitchen Design Style, to explore even more techniques.

Contemporary and Modern

Contemporary and modern design styles are commonly mistaken for representing the same characteristics. While there are multiple similarities between the two, there are also some notable differences.

Modern design specifically arose in the 20th century and refers to eras previously established, such as mid-century modern. This style exhibits a sleek, sophisticated, and high-end look that follows strict design rules. A modern kitchen will feature flat surfaces such as slab door cabinets, defined angles such as little to no hardware, and maybe even a graphic pattern through tile or wallpaper. Prime Cabinetry recommends the Plaza White high gloss cabinet to convey the modern style in your own kitchen.

Contemporary design refers to a combination of new and old, casual but polished, and sleek finishes amidst stone and wood elements. This style is more flexible and agrees to some rulebreaking.Contemporary design plays off the foundation of modern design, blending its design basics with a simplistic aesthetic. Our Tampa Dark or Tampa Grey cabinet is an excellent choice for a contemporary kitchen. The dark textured melamine cabinet will bring warmth to a kitchen, while other elements like floating shelves, and stainless steel hardware will balance it out. You can even throw in some bold artwork for a pop of color.

Farmhouse and Rustic

Farmhouse and Rustic design styles are often seen as one and the same, but they have some fundamental differences. Rustic design refers to decor and furnishings that appear aged, natural, primitive, and even rough around the edges. Many Rustic homes include a mixture of other design techniques such as Modern and Farmhouse styles.

The well-known Farmhouse style is defined by practicality, convenience, and comfort. This style delivers warmth from the often used wood tones and white, grey, or beige paint colors to maintain its minimalist appeal seen in many homes today.

Despite their differences, our Shaker Driftwood and Stepped Oyster cabinets fit perfectly with both Farmhouse and Rustic styles. The Shaker cabinet has become increasingly popular over the last fifteen years. The simple recessed panel design translates that same character into both Farmhouse and Rustic homes.


We accredit industrial style to old factory life, producing a stripped-back design that many home owners find appealing. Features, such as exposed pipes and raw textures like metal and brick, deliver this style to any kitchen. Industrial style kitchens often need a very open floor plan to succeed because of the dark hues and large scale decor elements. This style, found naturally in old warehouses and factories, is the result of converting such buildings into livable apartments and lofts.

If you love this style but do not have the option to live in such a location, you can certainly bring these same elements into your home. Prime Cabinetry’s Shaker White cabinets allow you to create your own industrial style kitchen when paired with accents like metal hard ware, and deep paint colors to help the white cabinets stand out.


Transitional design is known as the in-between style, showcasing a mixture of contemporary and traditional elements. You have the luxury of making this style your own because no two transitional kitchens are alike. However, it is essential to follow a few basic guidelines to properly pull it off. The Transitional style creates harmony between cream and taupe hues, minimal or glass accessories, old-world accents, and round profile furnishings.

It is especially fitting if you have existing furniture and decor you wish to incorporate. If your contemporary and traditional components are seamlessly blended, a transitional kitchen will feel classic, timeless, and sophisticated. Our Townsend and Destin White Shaker cabinets are the perfect match for a transitional kitchen. The Shaker cabinet’s simplicity contributes to a clean look, whereas the raised panel Tacoma cabinet offers embellishment. Include features like large crown moulding, and geometric pendant lights to bring it all togethe


Traditional design is the root of all other styles. It is defined by its attention to detail, well-known charm, and love for embellishment. A traditional kitchen’s primary characteristics include ornate cabinets, arches and valances, decorative legs and corbels, and intricate mouldings. Prime Cabinetry’s Nutmeg or Pearl cabinets pair perfectly with the traditional aesthetic. Being some of the most elaborate cabinet door styles we offer, they will give your traditional home the flare and update it needs to look like new again.

Once you have settled on a design style that best suits your taste, you can begin putting together the pieces of your kitchen remodel puzzle.

TIP: Use this section to gain a remodel timeline summary. We explain, in brief, the answer to how long a kitchen remodel will take. Our full article will take you through the details of each phase.

Kitchen Remodel Timeline

A successful kitchen renovation is best broken up into phases. This way you can visualize the big picture and build a schedule that works for you. There are several ways you can interpret a kitchen remodel timeline, but the experts at Prime Cabinetry have found the following breakdown to be the most effective.

The diagram below shows a brief overview of what a kitchen remodel timeline looks like from start to finish. We simplified it into 6 broad phases to cover as much information as possible.

To determine how long a kitchen remodel will take, you must first establish what you will be doing. Jump over to our full article, Kitchen Remodel Timeline, for details on the actions of each stage. Then, come back here to continue reading.

TIP: Cabinet shipping lead times are not mentioned in this segment. See section 2, design, for more information.

The two leading questions that accompany any project are How much will it cost? and How long will it take? We reviewed the cost of a kitchen remodel in Section 1, so let’s discuss the time it will take to complete it.

Keep in mind, this is a general synopsis. Your timeline may differ based on the kitchen size and level of involvement.

**The above time frames are minimums based on the best Prime Cabinetry customer experiences. It is important to note a remodel can always take longer depending on your project’s unique factors**

TIP: Consider this before starting phase 3: Demolition. In most cases you do not want to remove the existing cabinets until the new cabinets arrive, so we suggest scheduling that into your timeline.

A kitchen remodel takes thorough planning, organization, and a lot of helping hands. Whether you have friends assisting or you’re hiring a professional, getting organized will help you maintain group productivity and keep costs under budget.

Once the renovation is complete, share your thoughts on your remodel journey with Prime Cabinetry.

TIP: This s ection will walk you through the Prime Cabinetry design process. If you already know your kitchen layout, feel free to proceed to section 3.


Cabinet Samples

Ordering cabinets online has increased in popularity over the last 10 years. It is a convenient, affordable, and time-saving process that provides consumers, like you, with an unrivaled experience for your kitchen or bath renovation. Envisioning our cabinets in your home and under your unique lighting is an essential step for your kitchen remodel to take shape. At Prime Cabinetry, we want you to make an educated decision for your projec t, and we believe that begins with cabinetsamples.

Shop, choose, and purchase – It’s that simple!

Our secure website makes it easy. Shop our door styles and finishes, choose your favorites, and purchase the samples that fit your design style. We are confident that our high-quality construction and finish will not disappoint, so our cabinet samples are fully refundable after a minimum cabinet order of only $250.

TIP: Make your samples do the work. Use them to settle other design decisions like paint, fixtures, appliances, hardware, and backsplash.

Prime Cabinetry Design Process

At Prime Cabinetry, requesting a kitchen or bath design provides you with the opportunity to take your inspiration and turn it into a tangible plan for your remodel. Our experienced design team will guide you through choosing the right cabinets for your style, narrowing down your wish list, and formulating a realistic project layout.

Some cabinet companies charge for this service, but we believe this should be included in what we offer. We want every customer to have access to a professional design and quote before ordering cabinets online. Thus, our design service is 100% free of charge.

How it Works

1. Tell Us About Your Kitchen

First, watch our How to Measure Your Kitchen Video to learn what measurements are needed for an accurate design. Second, print and fill out our Measuring Guide, including our easy-to-use floor plan design grid. Third, complete and submit a design request form. The more you share, the easier it will be for us to create your vision.

TIP: This section will walk you through the Prime Cabinetry design process. If you already know your kitchen layout, feel free to proceed to section 3.

2. Work Directly with Our Professional Design Team

Once our design team receives your request, we assign you a point of contact for your project. Your designer will reach out to you directly to introduce themselves and ask any relevant questions as needed. Then, we personalize a kitchen design packet and quote just for you.

A Prime Cabinetry Design Packet Includes

  • Digital 3-D Renderings and Line Drawings
  • Digital 2-D Floor Plans and Elevations
  • General Info and Design Checklist
  • Itemized Cabinet Quote

The expected turnaround time for a design and quote is 24-48 business hours. Keep in mind this is subject to change depending on your design’s complexity and the time of year. Review your design packet thoroughly before sending any comments or changes to your designer for revising.

Send us a message to schedule a one-on-one phone call with one of our professional designers.

TIP: Send change requests in writing for an efficient and productive design experience. Addressing all plan revisions in email prevents miscommunication.

3. Prepare to Place Your Order

In the third and final step, your designer will advise you in finalizing your kitchen layout, product selections, and order list. It is crucial to review your plans and cabinet quote thoroughly during this time. Check for accuracy and confirm everything you want is present in the design.

You should be ready to finalize your cabinet design and floor plan after a few revisions. Please make sure the design is perfect before purchasing cabinets. Order changes after the fact can be costly and time consuming.

Finally, place the order for your new kitchen cabinets!

TIP: Use the My Quotes tab in your Prime Cabinetry account to locate your saved cabinet quote and utilize it for easy ordering.

Once an order is placed, unassembled stock cabinets ship in 7-10 business days, and assembled stock cabinets in 3-4 weeks. Semi-custom cabinets will have the longest lead time at 4 weeks+ depending on your order’s level of customization.

TIP: This section will provide solutions for the aspects of the remodel you are questioning most. Let’s get into the details.


TIP: This section is important to consider during the design phase. Purchase functional hardware with your cabinets for great storage solutions.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

There are two ways to update your kitchen cabinets; aesthetically and functionally. We know that purchasing new cabinets are the best way to improve the appearance of your kitchen. Prime Cabinetry customers agree that installing new kitchen cabinets is often more budget-friendly and less stressful than refacing or repainting old ones.

Now, let’s look at a few storage solutions and tips to improve your kitchens’ flow and function.

First, determine what parts of your kitchen are the problem areas. Do you need spice cabinet storage, a utensil drawer organizer, or food container storage? Shop all Prime Cabinetry functional hardware and see what could be helping you.

Then, dedicate a place for everything without cluttering the room. For instance, our sink front tray kits are an excellent tool for housing your dishwashing sponges and soaps that you despise leaving on the counter, and rollout shelves make the items stocked in your base cabinets more accessible.

Check out the full article, 13 Best Kitchen Storage Solutions, for even more ideas on how to organize your new kitchen cabinets.

TIP: Unsure if you should hire a contractor for your kitchen remodel? The information in this next section will help you make that decision

Professional vs DIY Kitchen Remodel

To decide the best direction for your kitchen remodel, you will want to ask yourself the following two questions:

1. Does your wish list exceed your renovation abilities?

2. Do you have experience in large scale projects?

A licensed contractor has the experience, equipment, and team necessary to complete your kitchen remodel correctly and promptly. Though this expertise comes at a cost, it can be worth the investment to have the job done right.

TIP: Like most things, cheap isn’t good, and good isn’t cheap. Get multiple quotes from licensed contractors, plumbers, and electricians to make an educated decision.

On the other hand, many consumers have mastered DIY home improvement projects and are partial to tackling it themselves. Prime Cabinetry strives to make products that are easy to assemble and install.

Consider the Following

• Understand the scope of your project.

Know how much work needs to be done and what it will take to get it across the finish line. Understand the time and resources required.

• Have an honest evaluation with yourself about your carpentry and measuring skills.

Know what tools and abilities are needed to complete everything you plan to tackle. Not only to assemble and install your new cabinets, but also to install new floors, electrical wiring, plumbing, and more.

• How much of the project can you DIY, and how much should you hire out?

Maybe both are an option! For instance, if you have the tools to tear out your old cabinets and assemble the new ones, you can save significantly on a general contractor fee. You can then plan to include installation cost in your remodel budget and leave it to the professionals.

To make the most of your time and resources, determine what tasks suit your skillset and go from there. Read our full article, Professional vs DIY Kitchen Renovation, for more information.

TIP: Use this next section to learn from the mistakes of others so you can avoid them in your kitchen remodel.

Common Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling your kitchen is no overnight task. It is a substantial project that will need proper planning, budgeting, and preparation. Apply these three tips to prevent your project from going over budget and misusing your valuable time.

Properly Plan and Prepare

Making changes mid-renovation can get costly, but sometimes become necessary if you are in too deep. Refer to our Kitchen Remodel Timeline for a realistic expectation. Please don’t rush into a project of this size before you have a well-conceived plan; you will thank us later.

Request a Design and Quote

Guessing games are not fun for anyone, so don’t overwhelm yourself with more decisions to be made. All kitchens are unique and creating the perfect floor plan can be tricky. The great news is Prime Cabinetry’s professional design team can take this responsibility off your plate with our quick Free Kitchen Design process.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Be honest with yourself about your remodeling and carpentry skills. A kitchen renovation can be challenging, assuming that you have never attempted one before. If assembling, cutting, and installing cabinets/moulding is not in your wheelhouse, it is best to hire a professional. The same advice should be applied to other areas of your remodel, such as electrical work, plumbing, and structural upgrades.

TIP: There is always something you can DIY to save money. Demoing, painting, and even lighting are projects many of our customers have comfortably done themselves. We also have assembly videos on our website for those who are ready to tackle cabinet assembly.

We highly recommend all first-time buyers read our full article, 7 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid, for even more tips.


Now It’s Your Turn

Selecting new cabinets is a significant part of kitchen remodeling, and we want your space to be a lifelong gathering place for making memories with friends and family. Give your kitchen the time, love, and energy it deserves by exercising what you have learned in the Prime Cabinetry Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide.

We believe you’re ready! Take on your kitchen or bath remodel like a pro (or with a pro). We hope the questions and answers proposed in this document have given you a clearer picture of what to expect during your kitchen or bath remodel. Evaluate the scope of your project, refer to this Buyers Guide as a helpful tool throughout the cabinet buying process, and contact Prime Cabinetry to get started today!