Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen Island Designs

Check out Prime Cabinetry’s favorite kitchen island inspiration photos! Then, make an appointment with a designer today to see what options you have for your own kitchen island!

An island is a freestanding set of base cabinets that is secluded from the perimeter base and wall cabinets of a kitchen. It is commonly used for added storage, counter space, and seating. Similarly, adding a sink and dishwasher or cooking surface with ventilation to an island can benefit the flow of the working triangle in a kitchen.

The dimensions of your island are only limited to the size of your kitchen; there is no “standard size” you must lean on. However, during the planning phase of the process, consumers need to ask themselves “Do I really have room for an island?”, and know the proper amount of walk around space required. The standard minimum needed from every angle around the island is 36”. Most “U” or “L” shaped kitchens have the capacity for a small but functional island, while a one-wall kitchen is going to have the most optimal layout.

Flip through our slide show below to find inspiration for your next kitchen remodel.