Let’s Get Organized: Kitchen Edition

Let’s Get Organized: Kitchen Edition

If you don’t have a place for it, let’s find one!

Is it possible to organize your most useful kitchen items while adding a touch of your favorite décor as well? The answer is yes! You can have an organized kitchen even after adding some of your favorite trinkets to the counter top. Enhancing your design style, and maintaining a clutter free space is doable. The trick is to limit the number of décor items you add, and make proper use of your cabinets and other storage units in the space. Think minimalist or discreet. It can be easy to fall in love with everything you see and overdo it, so you want to be specific with what you choose and leave it at that.

Whether you are the “hostess with the mostest” or you are rushing in and out the kitchen for every meal, it is extremely helpful to have a place where everything belongs. Here you will find some of our favorite “How To’s” to staying organized in the kitchen.

How to brighten a dull kitchen

Adding greenery, or any plant, can instantly brighten up a kitchen. Using natural colors will flatter a kitchen, presenting a well-rounded space. Plants can help a kitchen feel complete and clean, yet lived in and loved. Displaying plants, in an organized fashion, shows to your guests that you care about your space, and want to show the extra effort you put in to making it feel “homey”.

How to organize your sink base

Making use of your sink base is a key component to staying organized. The dish soaps, sponges, and towels sitting behind your faucet aren’t always items you want left for everyone to see; they should have a true home. Simply placing them out of sight can help your sink area look cleaner and more put together. Consider using a sink front tray that will make use of that otherwise fake drawer front. Add larger hardware to the sink front drawer to create a true home for your hand towels. Get creative with a u-shaped drawer made specially for your sink base, or take up that room completely with the ever-popular apron front sink for an aesthetically pleasing option.

How to organize and decorate your small kitchen

Add shelves anywhere and everywhere! Shelves are a go-to organizational tool that can assist in placing your most used kitchen items where you need them. They can certainly be used in a larger space, but are most helpful when you are looking to increase storage and décor options in your small kitchen. Shelves can frequently replace wall cabinets entirely to show off nice china or other decorative pieces. They can also be a great way to store cook books that need to be easily accessible, or to simply add some ornamentation that can be placed out of the way.

How to organize your kitchen pantry and base cabinets

Functional hardware can be one of the best ways to organize a kitchen; big or small. I find that making use of the Lazy Susan hardware and different in-cabinet-pull-out options is my favorite. Roll out shelves eliminate the daunting task of reaching to the back of a base or pantry cabinet, allowing what is inside to roll out to the front with easy access. Spice pull outs are a lifesaving tool that can be helpful to anyone who loves to cook. Trash pull outs are easily the most common type of pull out used, and keep the unwanted visual of the trash out of sight. Visit Primecabinetry.com to see the array of options we offer for functional hardware.

How to organize cookware, drink ware, and even fresh foods

Make use of your blank wall space! Hooks and baskets make for great ways to show off common kitchen items that you use every day. Not only do they become effortlessly accessible, but they can be decorative as well. Additionally, the use of fresh fruits and veggies as decoration is a convenient and creative. Food and cooking utensils are all necessities for a kitchen, so why not give them a new life; proudly displayed on your wall.

How to organize kitchen utensils

I believe maintaining an organized kitchen heavily relies on proper drawer use. How many of us have what we like to call a “junk drawer” in their kitchen? A place where all your note pads, pens, and whatever else wanders its way in stay put. No more junk drawer when you see the options available for keeping them clutter free. The key is to use some type of dividing tray for all the small items that typically get thrown in a huge drawer, and instantly forgotten. Also try using a dividing system for the larger items for more clutter free cabinets. No matter how you choose to do this, it is a lifesaver.

We all want our kitchen, or any room in our home, to represent our personal style, but still feel as if we have a place and purpose for everything in it. Note that counter tops don’t always have to be spotless, and every item doesn’t need to be completely out of site. It is possible to add some flare to your kitchen, while still creating an organized and clean atmosphere in the room.