RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

What is RTA?

RTA or “Ready to Assemble”, is a term used often in the cabinet industry. RTA kitchen cabinets are un-assembled cabinets that are transported by freight to the buyer’s chosen delivery location. RTA Kitchen cabinets arrive “flat pack” ready for the customer or builder to assemble and install them. The opposite of RTA is, of course, assembled cabinets or custom cabinets. Ordering cabinets pre-assembled can be useful to many customers who are new to major remodels, however, we know the biggest factor in a project this size is cost. Depending on your level of expertise with cabinet assembly, and the helpful resources we offer, you can determine which route is right for you.

What Are They Made Of?

At Prime Cabinetry, our cabinet boxes, across all door styles, are made up entirely of solid ply wood with our stained doors being solid plywood as well. Our painted doors are made up of HDF material, which is simply high-density fiberwood or highly compressed wood pieces. The HDF merely performs better with our painted doors. HDF is not particle board, nor do any of our cabinets use particle board in any way.

Our cabinets have 5-piece drawer front and door construction, dove tail boxes, and 6-way adjustable European style hinges with and without soft close. These features ensure good quality cabinets while being RTA.

Let’s Determine The Pros and Cons


(1) Overall pricing is lessened since labor cost is removed from the process.

(2) A faster delivery lead time is fulfilled since the cabinets are not pre-assembled.

(3) If you are not in need of the cabinets right away, but perhaps found a great deal, you can easily store them for a later install date since they will not take up significant storage space.

(4) Unlike popular belief, customers still have options for adding functional and decorative hardware to their RTA Kitchen cabinets.

(5) Prime Cabinetry offers a limited lifetime warranty, and all our cabinet lines are KCMA certified.


(1) RTA requires the customer to assemble and install the cabinets on site.

(2) Creative authority is lessened when using RTA cabinets because they are made in pre-designed sizes; this is also known as stock cabinetry. However, with the help of a designer, we can explore the options for your space.

Who Uses RTA Cabinets?

It Is certainly common to find contractors who are in the process of building an entire neighborhood or complex of apartments to order cabinets in bulk. This is where RTA is most helpful because it is more cost efficient to order them flat pack. Thus, we at Prime Cabinetry offer a Wholesale Discount on top of the fact that you are getting your cabinets RTA, and at an already reduced price.

For the DIY homeowner, RTA cabinets are becoming more popular. If you are equipped to take on the task of building your kitchen, this is a great option for you. Choosing RTA cabinets can help homeowners save on their overall project budget, and don’t get too worried because we are here to help make that seemingly scary project a little easier.

Prime Cabinetry Eases the Concern

At Prime Cabinetry, we know many home owners new to the cabinet world are easily scared off by the idea of having to assemble and install their new kitchen cabinets on their own. We want our customers to know, that doesn’t have to be the case. We have created assembly videos, how to videos, and a measuring guide to assist customers in the task of measuring their own kitchen, and assembling the cabinets once they arrive.

Overall, it is crucial to know that both RTA and pre-assembled or custom cabinetry are great options. It all depends on the needs of your project, as well as the time frame you are working in. By submitting a request for a free kitchen design and quote, you are already half way done, so let’s get started today!