Stars And Their Kitchens

Stars And Their Kitchens

Stars and their Kitchens

The entertainment industry has brought us some of our most beloved actors/actresses, singer/song writers, reality television stars, and talk show hosts. We are always trying to keep up with Hollywood’s newest styles in clothes, music, and cosmetics.But, have you ever thought about what these star’s kitchens look like? They might be seen on the big screen or center stage, but they also like to enjoy personal time in the comfort of their own home; they simply do it in style. Walking through some famous kitchens might help inspire you to get started on that remodel you have been putting off for years. Get to know your personal taste/style, while also thinking about the resale value of your home in the long run. If some of these extravagant kitchens seem to be over-the-top, and out of your reach, look for the number one must have features you would like to see within your dream design, and make them a priority. At Prime Cabinetry we can show you how to attain star-like kitchen qualities, and bring you some high-end looks while still working within your budget. Continue reading to get a closer look at some famous kitchens, then create a wish list to see how we can do just that!


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

In this Beverly Hills home, you will find a craftsman style kitchen that perfectly suits these two. The custom-made display case above the expansive island stores tableware, making this and the island, the obvious focal point of the space. A dark green painted cabinet, as well as an open shelf concept with inset wall cut-outs and glass shelves make this a truly unique space. To get a similar look to Ellen and Portia’s Kitchen try Prime Cabinetry’s Sierra Spice Series. This will help in accomplishing a similar door style, while not offered in the deep green color, Sierra Spice provides a unique door stain compared to that of a standard white or dark stain cabinet. The creation of a spacious island is very doable with any of our cabinets at Prime.

Jensen Ackles

This extravagant home belongs to the “Days of Our Lives” star Jensen Ackles, and is located in Malibu, California. Within this kitchen Jensen appeals to a very much traditional flair on a grand scale. His vast gourmet kitchen tells us he loves to entertain many guests at once. You’ll also notice the popular use of two different stains between the island and perimeter cabinets. The island stands out in a deep brown shade, similar to Prime Cabinetry’s Shaker Java or Sierra Mocha series. The perimeter cabinets show off a white shade with a brushed glazing on top, similar to Prime’s Columbia or Yukon Antique White series. Organization is optimized with a built-in fridge and freezer found along the back wall. Also, notice the cabinets running to the ceiling allowing for an enclosed look. Lastly, we recognize the oven cabinet in the back corner, really showing off the storage options that can be used in a larger kitchen.

Lady Gaga

Gaga’s ocean front Malibu estate is home to a kind of modern rustic style kitchen. She displays a pallette of neutral-green tones throughout the space, and within the cabinetry. A sit in area designed into the island optimizes the number of guests allotted for entertaining in this space. The open shelving randomly placed is aesthetically pleasing allowing for a little color in a sea of neutrals. She also continues with the rustic theme by adding some unique free standing cabinets along the perimeter of the kitchen around openings. Overall, the space has a very attainable and classic, yet high-quality appeal that can easily be achieved with Prime Cabinetry’s Grey Shaker series.

Patrick Dempsey

Dempsey’s residence in Malibu, California has this partial wall theme consistently throughout the home. So, it is no surprise to find the same effect in the kitchen as well. He remains constant with a very open concept by choosing shelving instead of wall cabinets, and even as an alternative of base cabinets on the partial wall as well. Base cabinets are found along the window wall to allow for the sink; this look can be recreated with any door style within Prime Cabinetry’s Allie Nicole Collection. Alongside the base cabinets is a built-in fridge, and center of the kitchen is the work table ‘island’, allowing the smaller space to feel larger.

Lauren Conrad

This monochromatic Shaker Style kitchen perfectly fits Lauren’s design taste. Her 5-bedroom California home is bright and airy, complimenting this space well. You’ll notice some open shelving on the walls, taking away the cluttered feel, and creating the spacious appeal that she was definitely going for. A small apron sink effortlessly compliments the style, alongside Shaker White cabinet doors, that can be found at Prime Cabinetry, and dark stained hardware to accent. This open concept kitchen is inviting and perfect for any host who loves entertaining large groups of people.

Cameron Diaz

This colorful Manhattan kitchen is an option for the daring home owner. Diaz takes this bold green cabinetry with an un-lacquered brass back splash, counter, and sink fittings to create a truly unique space. She has a hidden fridge concealed with cabinet doors/fronts, as well as endless storage. Her U-shaped kitchen optimizes the work triangle between the range, sink, and fridge. The shape also allows for as much storage space as needed to be available. A substitute for the bold green color could also be using Prime Cabinetry’s Sierra Spice or the Shaker Grey series. Adding a pop of color with the back splash, countertop or maybe some bold hardware, can liven up any cabinet door style.

Johnny Depp

This industrial basement kitchen offers the perfect ‘man cave’ appeal. The sleek base cabinets, built-in fridge, and lack of wall cabinets are currently all a highly sought after design request. Designers are moving away from the look of boxes hanging off the walls, to a built-in floor to ceiling approach. This is a style that works well in small spaces, and can easily be recreated with Prime’s White Shaker series. Galley kitchens such as this really open up the area and allow for the floor plan to flow from room to room. Finishing off this look, you will see that all you need is one good wall for any type of tall cabinet, and you have instantly provided all the storage that your wall cabinets were used for.

Liv Tyler

This 1930s-era Mediterranean home in LA showcases a combination of delightful old world meets effortless conveyance. This space creates an open concept, focusing most of the kitchen cabinets on one wall, adding an island for extra storage and prep space. The fridge alongside a vertical wine rack are on the opposite side of the layout completely, making the kitchen feel wider. Liv chose inset cabinet doors in a n all white Shaker profile; a very popular door style that can also be achieved, and made similar, with full overlay doors, such as Prime Cabinetry’s Shaker White door style. She added some open shelving, and a tall oven cabinet to finish off this gorgeous look

Ellen Pompeo

This eclectic kitchen offers a different appeal within Pompeo’s Mediterranean style home. The built-in fridge, lack of wall cabinets, and vertical spice drawers fit perfectly into her unique kitchen. She made great use of this narrow space by optimizing base storage, as well as organization around the fridge. By using a spice drawer base on either side of the oven, a 3 drawer base at each end of the run of cabinets, and a blind base cabinet at the corner, a look like this can easily be created with Prime Cabinetry’s Yukon Chocolate Series.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Without a doubt this New York apartment showcases a uniquely modern style that reflects John and Chrissy’s taste. The open shelving used in the island adds an edgy appeal that flows perfectly with the bold geometric stools chosen for seating. Also, note the maximized use of wall storage drawing the eye vertically up. This perception appeals to the smaller scale of the space making it feel larger. Using Prime’s Shaker Espresso series, with glass door cabinets randomly placed, you can definitely achieve a look similar to John and Chrissy’s. In addition, they have created an open and inviting concept with the warm colors, and one wall with an island set up. This allows for a flawless transition into the spaces adjacent to this kitchen.

While some of these stars may own more than one home, with different styles in each kitchen, it is thought-provoking to take a peek into some of their personal spaces. Today’s interior design trends are often influenced by the style and taste of these famous kitchens. Here we have shown you how to add a unique flair to your space while staying on trend, and within budget. Let us turn your ideas into real life designs.