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  1. How to Use Your Cabinet Samples

    How to Use Your Cabinet Samples

    Cabinet Samples are an important part of the kitchen remodel process. We've put together a short article to help illustrate how to use your cabinet samples, why they're important, and how to make sure your online cabinet order is exactly what you want.

  2. How Lighting Affects Your Cabinet Color

    How Lighting Affects Your Cabinet Color

    Artificial and natural lighting play an integral part in how we perceive paint colors in our home.

    The type of indoor lighting used in your kitchen, bathroom, or other remodel space will affect how you perceive the color of your new cabinets. This is because light bulbs differ in color temperature which changes the shade of white, blue, orange, or yellow, that is emitted over your space. These shades are recognized as either warm or cool lights and come in many types such as LED, incandescent, halogen, and florecent. Between the color of the bulb, the bulb type, and the bulb intensity, your cabinets can look vastly different from one shade to another.

  3. Choosing the Right Size Vent for Your Wood Hood

    Choosing the Right Size Vent for Your Wood Hood

    Wood Hood Inserts: Function & Purpose

    A range hood vent is the main accessory to any stock, semi custom, or custom cabinet wood hood. It is also referred to as a wood hood insert, liner and blower, vent hood, or ventilation hood. The wood hood itself is the aesthetic shell that the vent and other accessories fit inside of, while the vent is what makes it function.

  4. Stock Cabinets vs Semi Custom Cabinets

    Stock Cabinets vs Semi Custom Cabinets

    As you start shopping for new kitchen or bath cabinets, we feel it is important to understand the difference between cabinet types. The best choice for your home will be based on a variety of things including budget, finish options, style, and lead time to name a few. There are so many decisions to make in a kitchen renovation as it is, so we’ve made it easy for you to learn what contrasts our two largest cabinet types - Stock and Semi Custom.

  5. How Do I Hire a Contractor or Installer?

    Hiring a general contractor, installer, or other professional can easily benefit your kitchen remodel. The level of professional work needed is simply dependent on what the project entails, your budget, and even the drive or ability to tackle the remodel yourself. If you are still debating whether you should hire a contractor or go the DIY route, check out our full blog DIY vs Professional Kitchen Remodel for more detail.

  6. The Best Cabinet Installation Tools

    The Best Cabinet Installation Tools

    Depending on your level of carpentry skills and how many home improvement projects you do, you may already own some of the tools in this list. Not all items will be needed but many will be helpful depending if you are working alone or have assistance.

  7. Installation Checklist

    Installation Checklist

    Preparing For Installation

  8. Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

    Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide


  9. What is Modern Kitchen? Check Out Eight Elements of it!

    What is Modern Kitchen? Check Out Eight Elements of it!

    Modern design and modern elements are emerging on the scene like never before, whether it is in color, furniture or decor; it is here to stay. However, when it comes to the kitchen most people are not sure about where to start. Let's dive into what I think makes a kitchen modern.

  10. How to Measure a Kitchen

    How to Measure a Kitchen

    When you’re renovating your kitchen as a DIY project or whether hiring a contractor, it is both beneficial and educational to take your own measurements. However, measuring for kitchen cabinets isn’t necessarily an easy task. It’s imperative to record center points for appliances, gas lines, and plumbing. Door openings and other obstacles. Follow the next four steps to measuring for your kitchen cabinets.


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