What is a 10x10 Kitchen?

What is a 10x10 Kitchen?

10x10 Kitchen: Exist or Not?

Everywhere we look we see pricing for a “10x10 kitchen”. The question is, what is a 10x10 kitchen? Do these kitchens exist in real life design? Unfortunately, the answer is not straight forward, because every retailer has their own opinion of what cabinets make up a 10x10 kitchen.

10x10 kitchens are put in front of customers from the minute they decide to start pricing out kitchen cabinets. Print media is used to gain customers attention through ads in newspapers, magazines, and on billboards. While web media displays the information on cabinet retailer’s websites, google ads, and even commercials. We see it everywhere, but many of us are not sure what to use these prices for. Is the 10x10 kitchen a premade kit for a space that measures 10’ x 10’? Is it a quoting tool or price comparison tool? Most importantly, does anyone actually buy the 10x10 kitchen?

10x10 Kitchen Floor Plans: How to Really Start Budgeting

The cabinets that make up a 10x10 kitchen are not compiled into a kit that can be ordered as a sample kitchen to create a real one. Basing your kitchen budget on a 10x10 price does not work due to the varying items not included in it. All cabinet retailers, online or brick and mortar, have different 10x10 kitchens they use to price their own door styles. Therefore, it is important for customers to look deeper into these 10x10 kitchens per cabinet company. The exact items used in one sample kitchen can differ across the board in other 10x10 kitchens.

10x10 Kitchen Pricing VS. The Quick Quote Tool

Using a 10x10 price as a quoting tool will not work either. A 10x10 kitchen will show you the price of the most basic and purely functional cabinetry for any one door style. This is a no-frills sample price, and you will come up short if you assume you can get everything needed to complete a full kitchen for a 10x10 price. Gaining a rough estimate of how much you will spend on cabinets, at Prime Cabinetry, is best done by using our Quick Quote tool. This tool will guide you through a series of questions allowing you to better start budgeting for your own kitchen cabinets. This tool also provides a more accurate, yet still ball park range, to start with. Afterwards, if you want to get even more specific, you can submit a design request for a designer to draw up your exact layout, add the cabinets and hardware you want, and finally present precisely what you are looking for; your dream kitchen.

10x10 Kitchen Layout: What does it entail?

So, let’s answer the big question here, a 10x10 kitchen is a price comparison tool that allows customers to decide between cabinet styles and companies alike. It shows you how the same 10-12 cabinets price out among different cabinet styles. It is crucial for customers to know that these sample prices do not include moulding, toe kick, fillers, counter top, or appliances. Therefore, the commonly known “10x10 kitchen” does not actually exist, and this is why you will never buy a 10x10 kitchen.

10x10 Kitchen’s: The Reality

Then why do all cabinet companies use the infamous 10x10 kitchen? Based on my research, I have come to understand that it is simply the quickest and most efficient way for companies to display their pricing. Staying competitive in this industry is important to an ever-growing business, and without the 10x10 kitchens consumers could not easily compare or shop multiple stores to confirm the decision made to go with one cabinet company over another.

By incorporating these tips in your own design process, you can gain a better understanding of the 10x10 kitchen. So, check out our website at www.primecabinetry.com to begin! Selecting cabinets and staying in budget has never been easier! Let us show you how to use this information to your advantage, and get started today!