What is Modern Kitchen? Check Out Eight Elements of it!

What is Modern Kitchen? Check Out Eight Elements of it!

Modern design and modern elements are emerging on the scene like never before, whether it is in color, furniture or decor; it is here to stay. However, when it comes to the kitchen most people are not sure about where to start. Let's dive into what I think makes a kitchen modern.

Open and Airy Feel Kitchen

1. Creating Open Airy feel; this can be created with an open floor plan layout incorporating a separate breakfast area or by using an island for prep and for dining.

Photo by George Lambros of Lambros Photography

Choosing Color Schemes

2. Choosing a color palette, for a modern kitchen can be as muted as a cool gray tone or as bold as lime green. It gives you, the homeowner an opportunity to inject your character in the kitchen, and making it feel more like home and less showroom.

Photo by Carol Kurth Architecture, PC / Peter Krupenye

Choosing Cabinet Door Style

3. Is choosing cabinets, most people think of a flat panel cabinet door style when they think modern but you can use a simple shaker style such as the Shaker Driftwood door pictured here. Remember that the most important rule in modern cabinetry is no extra detail, no raised panels, and no extra mouldings.

Photo by Prime cabinetry

Cabinet Surfaces and Layering Textures

4. It's all about the surfaces, Layering textures such as quartz and wood, stainless, and concrete can have a major impact on the scheme of the room. By polishing your concrete on the floor you can keep the loft character.

Photo by Prime Cabinetry

Choosing the Right Appliance which Blends with your Cabinet Style

5. Update the appliances- You should look at the slim-line appliances, less bulky equals sexier. As well as going for the more built-in unit; will leave you wondering why on earth did you wait so long to replace your appliances. With built-in's you save room for cabinet space without changing the footprint of the kitchen. In addition to slim-line appliances, you may want to look for compartmental units, such as stackable espresso machines and convection ovens which allow you to purchase more appliances without sacrificing counter space.

Photo by BHG.com


6. First, you should select your task lighting; this would be selecting your ceiling-mount fixture. Next is dining area lighting which could be pendants over a bar or a chandelier like the one pictured above creating an instant conversation piece. And you also have ambient lighting which sets the tone of the space, and this is typically done during the construction phase.

Photo by Marcelle Guilbeau

Selecting the Furniture!

7. By choosing furniture that works for space, such as the breakfast nook or dining area you can select a simplified look. It should not have layers of fabric on chairs or heavy ornate wood. You should, however, be able to mix upholstered seats with wood textures, or maybe metals with acrylic.

Photo By Dave Bryce Photography

Choice of Jewelry (a.k.a. Hardware) for The Kitchen

8. Last but certainly not least is the hardware of the kitchen, or as it is affectionately known as the jewelry of the kitchen. you have so many options of hardware it can be overwhelming but it does help that some decorative hardware companies such as Richelieu have set up collections such as Contemporary, Traditional, and several more to make the selection process smoother.

Photo provided by Richelieu Inc.

Incorporating all of these attributes should contribute to your Modern Kitchen update, design, and style.