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What layout is your kitchen?

Look below at the common layouts and select the one that best represents your current kitchen.

Select the layout that best represents your current kitchen.

What are your kitchen measurements?

Do your best to measure the area and enter those dimensions in the spaces provided. Remember this is just a quick quote so precise measurements are not necessary. We will get the exact details during the design phase of your project.


  • Measure each wall that has cabinets on it and provide the complete measurement,not just where the cabinets are.
  • Don't worry about subtracting appliances, doors or windows






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Your quote will be based on the information you provided in steps 1-3. Feel free to edit any of that information below before proceeding with your request. Your information allows our designers to better understand your project.

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An economy kitchen is very simple using only the most basic cabinets possible to fill the space. Aesthetics is not the focus here. We are looking purely at cost savings.


The standard kitchen is what we find to be the most popular option. It provides function and style while staying within your budget. You will be proud to show off this design to your family and friends.


The supreme option is the "Creme de la Creme" layout of your space. Here we are utilizing every bell and whistle available to enhance the look and function of your kitchen and bath cabinetry.