Terms & Condition

Order Processing
General Info
  • Prime Cabinetry customer service representatives are available M-F 9am-7pm EST Saturday 11am-2pm EST
  • While using Primecabinetry.com, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and for restricting access to authorized users only. By signing up for an account on Primecabinetry.com you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account. You must be of legal age to make any purchases on primecabinetry.com. You also agree that all information that is entered into the system is true to the best of your knowledge. Prime Cabinetry reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in its sole discretion.
  • All orders must be paid in full prior to being processed.
  • All orders are final. There are no cancellations, returns or exchanges.
  • Confirmation emails are sent to account holders at the time of purchase reflecting the order and payment details.
  • Orders cannot be held for later processing. Customers accept responsibility for receiving the product in the normal time period after an order is placed.
  • If items on your order are found to be out of stock, our customer service team will notify you and special arrangements will be made to meet your needs.
  • Orders shipping to Georgia will be subject to sales tax. Use taxes may be applicable in other states as well.
  • All refunds will be credited to the form of payment used on the original order. Credit card refunds may take 5-10 business days to reflect on your statement.
  • At times our vendors make changes to their product offering without notice. If your order is affected by one of these changes we will do everything we can to fulfill your needs in a timely manner.
Design Services
  • Free designs are available to all account holders on Primecabinetry.com It is the customers responsibility to provide accurate measurements and appliance placement. All designs must be approved and verified by the customer. Placing an order verifies an approved design/quote therefore our designers are not responsible for any inaccuracies.
  • It is very important that you follow the instructions in the how to measure your kitchen video in order to provide our designers with accurate information.
  • If an order is received and the customer does not like the design, Prime Cabinetry will not be responsible for providing different products.
Rush Orders
  • At times paying a rush fee can reduce the production time of an order. The “rushed” lead-time will depend on the collection ordered as well as the warehouse in which it is shipping from. Please call customer service for more details.
General Info
  • Prime Cabinetry offers free shipping on qualifying orders over $2500. In order to receive free shipping you must purchase at least $2500 worth of products from that specific product category. (Example: A $3000 order of cabinets from the Allie Nicole Collection would qualify for free shipping on those cabinets.) Products in other categories (Furniture Vanities, Functional Hardware, etc) on the same order, would be subject to shipping fees.

    Shipping charges on products with less than a $2500 total, will depend on their weight and the destination zip code.

    The destination must have “normal access” (accessible by a 53’ semi) and must be within the continental US to qualify for free shipping.
  • Deliveries are made M-F, 8am-5pm (excluding holidays)
  • All freight shipments from Prime Cabinetry include the following:
    • Residential Service
    • Delivery Appointment
    • Liftgate Service
  • Someone at least 18 years old must be present to receive the order.
  • Customers must have a clean dry area prepared prior to receiving the order.
  • The shipping lead-time will depend on which cabinet style purchased and the destination zip code.
  • Deliveries include ONE attempt by the shipping company to deliver the product to the consumer. All shipping notifications will be sent via email. If for any reason the customer is unavailable to accept the order and the product is undeliverable under any circumstances, the customer will be responsible for any extra shipping and handling charges.
  • Delivery to your address may be limited by location or other circumstances. We reserve the right to change delivery methods and/or carriers. If a scheduled delivery cannot take place due to weather, truck issues etc., the delivery agent will call and reschedule. Prime Cabinetry is not responsible for lost time or wages due to a shipment being delayed.
  • Prime Cabinetry will ship to businesses or residences anywhere within the continental US that have "normal access" (accessible by a 53' semi).
  • Destinations with limited access or that require special delivery instructions must be arranged with your Prime Cabinetry project coordinator.
  • Warranties are void outside of the continental US.
Assembled Orders~Coming Soon!~
  • The lead-time for assembled orders is 3-5 weeks (from date of order to date product is received) depending on the collection. See collection page for details.
  • Assembled orders will be delivered on a large 28’ box truck. The driver will unload the cabinets from the truck and put them in the “first dry area” (typically a garage)
  • Assembled cabinets take up a lot of space so be sure to have plenty of dry/secure storage available.
Unassembled Orders
  • The lead-time for unassembled (RTA) orders is 3-7 business days (from date of order to date product is received).
  • Unassembled orders will arrive palletized on a 53’ box truck. The driver will unload the pallets and place them in the "first dry area" (typically a garage)
Restricted Area/Limited Access Shipping (Please Call For A Custom Shipping Quote If:)
  • The delivery area does not have a secure, dry storage area (garage). We have additional shipping services that can get the product to a desired location inside the home.
  • Your delivery has special circumstances including but not limited to: ferry or bridge tolls, located in a remotely rural or densely populated area or requires other specific delivery instructions.
  • Your delivery location is outside of the continental US.
  • *Additional fees will apply if you place an order with a standard delivery method and the location is found to have restrictions.
Receiving Your Order
  • Someone at least 18 years old must be present to receive the order.
  • THOROUGHLY CHECK YOUR ORDER TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE RECEIVED EVERYTHING.  You are responsible for making sure that all of the items on the order sheet/packing list are delivered by the shipping company.
  • Sign the drivers delivery receipt once you have double checked the whole order and are certain you have received everything. If you sign confirming you have received everything and later find that you are actually missing something, neither Prime Cabinetry nor the carrier will be responsible for producing the missing items.
  • If you find that you are missing anything, or you see damage to any of the cartons, you must notate that on the delivery receipt. (for detailed instructions on how to handle damaged/missing items see “My Order Has Damaged/Missing Items”)
My Order Has Damaged/Missing Items
  • The person who receives the order is responsible for thoroughly inspecting the cartons to ensure the order was delivered complete and that there is no visible damage to the packaging.
  • If you do find that you are missing items on your order BE SURE TO NOTATE THE MISSING ITEMS ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT the driver presents you with. Be sure to retain a copy of this receipt for your records. (Please note that trims, mouldings and accessories are often times packaged together) Contact the claims department (claims@primecabinetry.com or 1-888-555-5555) within 48 hours of receiving your order to let us know that you were missing items. We will submit a claim with the carrier and process a replacement order for the missing items.
  • If you find damages to the packaging BE SURE TO TAKE PICTURES AND NOTATE THE DAMAGES ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT the driver presents you with. Please retain a copy of the receipt for your records. Contact the claims department (claims@primecabinetry.com or 1-888-555-5555) to send us details on the damages. It is important to open the package to determine if the contents were harmed at all. If there are damages to the product we will rush replacement parts out right away.
  • Once you receive your order you have 15 business days to open the cartons, inspect the contents and report any damages/defects.
  • It is imperative that you take and submit pictures of the damages prior to installing any of the cabinets. Any damage claims submitted of installed cabinets will be immediately denied.
  • All damage claims require clear photos, a description of the damages and a copy of the delivery receipt if the claim contains missing items or damages to the product packaging.
Replacement and Return policy
Replacement and Return policy
  • All replacement orders will be processed as quickly as possible. Claims for stocked products (Allie Nicole & Breanna Madison collections) will be processed and shipped out within 2 business days. Claims for custom-built products (Bella Rain Collection) will be processed and shipped within 10 business days.
  • In most cases we will send replacement parts, which will allow you to repair your damaged item. We will only send complete cabinets in the cases where items are completely destroyed or the part cannot be replaced because of its location on an assembled cabinet.
  • Prime Cabinetry is not responsible for lost wages, additional costs or any other fees incurred by the customer as a result of receiving damaged items on their order.
  • Prime Cabinetry is not responsible for mistakes made during the design process. Our free designs are meant to guide the customer through the design process but the customer maintains full responsibility for accuracy and functionality of the design.